Faculty publications from the Department of Communication Studies at LMU can be found here.


Submissions from 2014


Object Pleasures and Job Segregation: Barbers, Hairstylists, and the Material (Be)longings of Work, Craig Rich

Submissions from 2012


"Don't Drop the Soap": Organizing Sexualities in the Repeal of the US Military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy, Craig Rich, Julie Kalil Schutten, and Richard A. Rogers

Submissions from 2007


Working Selves, Working Gendered Contexts [Review of the Book Negotiating Gendered Identities at Work: Place, Space and Time], Craig Rich

Submissions from 2006


Pedagogical Issues Underlying Classroom Learning Techniques, Craig Rich, Barbara Mae Gayle, and Raymond W. Preiss

Submissions from 2004


Humor Works: Communication Style and Humor Functions in Manager/Subordinate Relationships, Diane M. Martin, Craig Rich, and Barbara Mae Gayle


Recovering (From) Janet Jackson's Breast: Ethics and the Nexus of Media, Sports, and Management, Lawrence A. Wenner