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Book Chapter

Publication Date

January 2017


This activity was created to introduce first-year students to library resources they can use for their annotated bibliography assignment. In pairs, students are assigned a task card that requires them to find an information source. After finding a source meeting the criteria of their task card, the student teams input their answers into a Google Form. Formative assessment takes place during class, allowing the librarian to modify instruction on-the-spot based on the responses from the form.Summative assessment takes place at the end of the semester, when a rubric is applied to a sample of student responses from the activity. This assessment provides a more thorough picture of where students may have succeeded or struggled with the activity, and may provide ideas for how to adjust the activity in the future.

Recommended Citation

Acosta, E., & Donaldson, K. (2017). Taste testing for two: Using formative and summative assessment. In R. Pun & M.Houlihan (Eds.), The first-year experience cookbook (pp.137-38). Chicago: ACRL.