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As April comes to a close, Los Angeles is reminded again of this time 13 years ago when parts of South L.A., PicoUnion and Koreatown erupted in anger and flames. Images of African Americans and Latinos pouring into the streets, driven by poverty and frustration, were indelibly etched into the minds of all Americans. For the Koreatown community, this year's anniversary comes with the news that poverty in Koreatown today is greater now than in 1992. A new report written by one of us and the staff of Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates shows that 13 years after the Los Angeles civil unrest, economic conditions in Koreatown for the working poor have deteriorated. Real wages for working families declined by 17%; as many as 150,000 residents -- the vast majority of them Latino and Korean -- are living in poverty.

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Park, Edward J.W. and Won-Il Kim. 2005. “A Call to Action in Koreatown.” Editorial article in Los Angeles Times. April 30. B21.