Just Community: For All
November 7 – 12, 2005
What is community, really?
What moves and shapes it?
What threatens the reality of a just community “for all” in the 21st century?

The Bellarmine Forum 2005, “Just Community: For All” was a week-long meeting of the hearts and minds of scholars, activists, religious and community leaders, policy makers, students, residents, children and artists on the subject of “Just Community: For All”…a simple subject with some daunting twists.

The 2005 Bellarmine Forum explored the many facets of community under four general themes:

1. Definitions and Constructions of Community
2. Challenges and assaults to constructions of community
3. The many facets and faces of community
4. The future of community

Among the many topics and themes covered, Just Community: For All addressed:

• Constructions of community (e.g., cultural, geographic, political, ideological, technological, and religious)
• Local and international examples of challenges to constructions of community (e.g., cultural hegemony, politics, toxins, disease, poverty etc.)
• Challenges to the integrity and vitality of communities (e.g., racism, globalization, environmental toxins, public policies, technology, urban planning, economic injustices, diminishing natural resources etc.)
• Eye on LA: The Many Faces of Community in Los Angeles including: a) The diverse ethno-cultural communities (e.g., Latino, African American, Asian/Pacific Island American, native American)
• The many constituencies (e.g., the media, home owners, homeless youth, civic groups, the formerly incarcerated)
• The Future of Community (i.e., examination of the implications of what has been shared for the future of community with an emphasis on action and social justice)
• An examination of issues from a multidisciplinary perspective including: Business, Education, Law, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Literature, Cultural Studies, Urban Planning, Political Science, Theology, Philosophy, History, The Arts and more.

This forum placed a special emphasis on Social Justice and Promoting Action. Students and participants connected with a variety of opportunities to translate new insights into action. For example, community based organizations (local and national) were invited to attend forum events and activities and to share internship, graduate training and career resources with our students focused on increasing their involvement with community organizing for social change, development, and service.

Collaboration and Building Bridges of Community Between LMU and LA. Local and national groups and individuals were invited to the forum as participants including local universities, community based organizations, professional organizations, civic and community groups.

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