Women artists have been imagining a world in which men and women have equal rights, equal social and political status, and equal freedom of movement and expression since the beginning of human culture. They have done this with grace, humor, and brilliance–sometimes in difficult situations, in anonymity, to little effect, and sometimes with a great deal of notice and success. Their combined efforts have changed the world, and continue to do so.

The 2010 Bellarmine Forum, the first to focus on women, is a weeklong celebration of women artists/activists, a celebration of artistic visions that have inspired change. Bringing together poets, painters, musicians, actors, performance artists, and scholars from Los Angeles and farther afield, the Forum will honor the accomplishments of women and promote discussions about equality, about the relationship between equality and the imagination, about the relationship between art and activism. Performances will share the stage with academic panels and art exhibits.

Director: Gail Wronsky

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