"Restorative justice is not simply a way of reforming the criminal justice system; it is a way of transforming the entire legal system, our family lives, our conduct in the workplace, our practice of politics. Its vision is of a holistic change in the way we do justice in the world."

John Braithwaite, “Principles of Restorative Justice.” In Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice: Competing or Reconcilable Paradigms, edited by A. von Hirsch, J. Roberts, A. Bottoms, J. Roach, and M. Schiff, 1. 

"Crime is a violation of people and relationships. It creates obligations to make things right. Justice involves the victim, the offender, and the community in a search for solutions which promote repair, reconciliation, and reassurance."

Howard Zehr, Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime and Justice, 181.



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