• Scott Wood, Co-Director, Director, CUReS Restorative Justice Project
  • Jonathan Rothchild, Co-Director, Associate Professor of Theological Studies,  LMU


  • Sarah Babb, Career Development & Employer Relations Specialist, LMU
  • Maggie Bove-LaMonica, School of Education Family of Schools, LMU
  • Sheryle Bush,Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean
  • Franky Carrillo, LMU Student and Leader of Alternative Breaks Trip Through the California Criminal Justice System
  • Darin Early, School of Education Family of Schools, LMU 
  • Evan Gerstmann,Professor of Political Science and Law 
  • Cheryl Grills, Associate Dean of the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and Faculty Member in the Psychology Department
  • Rachel Lang, LMU Graduate Student 
  • Schoene Mahmood, Restorative Justice Specialist, CURES Restorative Justice Project 
  • Paula Mitchell, Professor,Loyola Law School 
  • Kyra Pearson,Associate Professor, Communication Studies, LMU 
  • Pam Rector, Director of the Center for Service and Action 
  • Eric Strauss, President's Professor at LMU
  • Seth Weiner, Attorney/ Restorative Justice Practitioner



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