2016: The Values of Time

The 2016 Bellarmine Forum returned with a call to slow action. More than a traditional academic conference, the Bellarmine Forum offered a range of creative opportunities for LMU to discover "The Values of Time" all semester.

This Bellarmine Forum invited the entire LMU community to mind their values and value their minds. To sift their priorities and align them with time. To dare to enter slow time zones to pursue through experiments and spiritual exercises. To Turn Off, Tune In, and Contemplate-Create-Collaborate. To slow down and let time pass.

A "Values of Time" time capsule contains mementos and reflections from participants of the 2016 Bellarmine Forum. It is designed to opened in 2116.

Bellarmine Forum 2016 Directors: Paul Harris, Professor of English and Brad Stone, Professor of Philosophy

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