Bellarmine Forum 2016 Courses

The heart of the Bellarmine Forum was a cluster of courses that invited students into the deepest engagement with the theme. All Bellarmine Forum courses met at the same class time, and gathered monthly for interdisciplinary seminars and events. Bellarmine Forum courses included:

• ENGL/PHIL The Values of Time (Core: Interdisciplinary Connections), taught by Paul Harris (English) and Brad Stone (Philosophy)
• FFYS 1000 Art and Power, taught by Amy Woodson-Boulton (History)
• FTVS 419 Time & Media, taught by Sue Scheibler (Film Studies)
• THST 3282 Buddhism, taught by Christopher Key Chapple (Theological Studies)

All courses met at the same time, Monday and Wednesdays 12:40–2:10pm. Friday afternoons at this time, events were scheduled for all students to participate in. Events included invited speakers, student presentations of collaborative interdisciplinary research projects in poster format, and Slow Time programming/practices including labyrinth walks, Wetlands walk, contemplative exercises, and slow reading/discussion of texts.

A Bellarmine Forum fall research seminar of faculty and invited graduate and undergraduate students provided an ongoing scholarly research, writing, and dialogue on the Values of Time.


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