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Previous studies have shown a positive relationship between biomass of the common wetland halophyte, Salicornia virginica, and salinity. This study implements a new technique that is less invasive than measuring total plant biomass that involves uprooting the plant. Instead, plant height was used as an indicator of sodium content in surrounding soils. This technique is based on the hypothesis that plant height of S. virginica corresponds to soil sodium concentrations. There was a significant variation in plant height at higher soil sodium concentrations than at lower soil sodium concentrations. Furthermore, in areas of higher soil water content (%), sodium concentration was elevated.

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Bogeberg, Molly. Vivanco, Stephanie. Carmona-Galinda, Victor. 2011. "Relationship Between Soil Sodium Concentration and Plant Height in Salicornia Virginica in the Ballona Wetlands in Los Angeles, California." BIOS 82(4): 112-116.

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