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ISO 4387 Standard determines the main aerosol constituents (total particulate matter, water, nicotine, and nicotine-free-dry-particulate matter, referred to as “tar”) in cigarette mainstream smoke (ISO, 2000). Heated Tobacco Products (also called Tobacco Heating Products or Heat-not-Burn Products) are designed to form aerosol by heating tobacco rather than burning like in combustible cigarettes. In this study we have evaluated the suitability of ISO 4387 Standard to be adapted for quantifying main aerosol constituents for HTP aerosol. HTP emissions have much higher levels of water and humectants (e.g., glycerol) in dynamic equilibria between gaseous and particulate phases. Several modifications to ISO 4387 Standard on aerosol collection were tested to improve the accuracy and reliability of aerosol capturing, with minimal deviation to the standard method. The proposed modifications are readily adoptable by laboratories already practicing the Standard for cigarette smoke analyses. Taking collectively with other available aerosol chemistry and biological results on HTPs in the literature, they show a fundamentally different aerosol in HTPs and call for category-specific product standards and terminology.

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H. Gasparyan, Derek Mariner, Christopher Wright, James Nicol, James Murphy, Chuan Liu, Christopher Proctor, Accurate measurement of main aerosol constituents from heated tobacco products (HTPs): Implications for a fundamentally different aerosol, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, Volume 99, 2018, Pages 131-141,

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