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Crosses of a diploid Tetrahymena thermophila to a strain with a haploid germinal nucleus result in chromosome loss during meiosis in the haploid. The resulting monosomics can be made nullisomic by a special cross that induces homozygosis of a meiotic product of the germinal nucleus, but retention of the parental somatic nucleus. The creation and testing of single nullisomics for three of the five chromosome pairs and a triple nullisomic missing another pair is presented. Taken together, these strains make possible a series of crosses in which all but one of the chromosomes is missing in one parent. This set of nullisomics can, therefore, be used to map any mutation in Tetrahymena to a specific chromosome.

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Bruns, P J et al. “Nullisomic Tetrahymena. II. a Set of Nullisomics Define the Germinal Chromosomes.” Genetics vol. 104,2 (1983): 257-70.

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