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Phenotypic assortment in Tetrahymena thermophila results from random distribution of alleles during amitotic division of the macronucleus. The rate of assortment is dependent on input ratio and the number of assorting units. The assortment of the antibiotic resistance markers Chx, Mpr and gal was determined and is consistent for each with the model of 45 assorting chromosomes. The gene tsA (previously ts-1) shows normal assortment, in contrast to previous reports. A mutation in the highly amplified ribosomal locus (rdnA2) assorts as if present at only 45 copies. Death of clones occurred at a rate consistent with assortment for a single gene.

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Merriam, E V, and P J Bruns. “Phenotypic assortment in Tetrahymena thermophila: assortment kinetics of antibiotic-resistance markers, tsA, death, and the highly amplified rDNA locus.” Genetics vol. 120,2 (1988): 389-95.

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