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We evaluated the effects of an irrigation system on the community structure of arthropods in a coastal sage scrub chaparral habitat. We placed 5 traps in the irrigated site and 5 traps in control site, for a total of 10 sticky traps (using Tree Tanglefoot) in an area adjacent to Ballona Wetlands in Los Angeles, California. The traps were set at the irrigated and non-irrigated site on Telegraph Weed for one week. Results showed that morphospecies richness, relative abundance, and taxonomic order representation were higher at the control site than at the irrigated site. Our study documents how anthropogenic impacts in a coastal sage scrub habitat can alter the community composition of invertebrates in the fringe habitats surrounding the last wetlands in Los Angeles County.

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Carmona-Galindo, Victor. Aquino, Justin. Catala, Mindi. 2013. “Anthropogenic Impacts of Irrigation on the Arthropod Community Structure of a Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat in Los Angeles.” BIOS 84 (2): 101-105.

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