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There is a lack of consistency with respect to the use of the terms like species richness, diversity and biodiversity, which extends to the analysis of diversity indices and the merit of using diversity indices in the evaluation (comparison and contrast) of biological communities. The purpose of this article is to provide working definitions for these terms and cite examples from the primary literature that demonstrate the utility of estimating richness, evaluating proportional abundance patterns, as well as comparing indices of diversity and similarity to study patterns of biological organization at different ecological scales. Additionally, we provide a manual in the appendix for downloading and using a freeware application (EstimateS) to estimate species richness and construct rarefaction curves for various diversity indices based on the patterns detected from field-data.

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Carmona-Galindo, V.D., & Carmona, T.V. (2013). La Diversidad de los Analisis de Diversidad. Bioma, 14, 20-28.