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MAPPFinder is a tool that creates a global gene-expression profile across all areas of biology by integrating the annotations of the Gene Ontology (GO) Project with the free software package GenMAPP ( The results are displayed in a searchable browser, allowing the user to rapidly identify GO terms with over-represented numbers of geneexpression changes. Clicking on GO terms generates GenMAPP graphical files where gene relationships can be explored, annotated, and files can be freely exchanged.

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Doniger, S.W., Salomonis, N., Dahlquist, K.D., Vranizan, K., Lawlor, S.C., & Conklin, B.R. (2003) MAPPFinder: Using Gene Ontology and GenMAPP to Create a Global Gene-Expression Profile from Microarray Data. Genome Biology 4: R7.

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