The following article contains two essays based on presentations to the 2012 CHEC conference on Catholic school governance held at Marquette University in October 2012. The essays outline two models of deep collaboration between Catholic institutions of higher education and Catholic K-12 schools designed to support and foster improvements in Catholic education. The first essay, “Higher Education Working Together to Help Catholic Schools: The Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium,” written by William A. Henk and Jennifer A. Maney, provides an overview of the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium (GMCEC), an ongoing collaborative effort between the archdiocese of Milwaukee and the region’s five Catholic colleges and universities. Building a strong partnership among multiple institutions has allowed the GMCEC to leverage the individual strengths of each member institution to provide a variety of supports to Catholic schools within the diocese. The essay outlines the early history of the collaboration, the key areas of engagement, and some emerging outcomes and ongoing challenges associated with efforts to scaffold supports for diocesan schools. Following this essay are excerpts from a panel discussion among the five presidents of the institutions of higher education that are part of the consortium.



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