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Drawing on a review of the literature on service-learning in Catholic higher education and the development of online service-learning, as well as an empirical case study of 2020 Vincentian Service Day at DePaul University, this article examines an alternative way to develop service-learning in Catholic schools in response to the reality and needs of the world in front of us. Service-learning is widely practiced in higher education institutions and plays an essential role in Catholic schools as it integrates students’ faith, morals, and spiritual growth with social justice commitments. School closures due to COVID-19 significantly impede service-learning. However, a successful case of virtual service-learning design and practice at DePaul University in May 2020 can provide insights and prospects of developing service-learning during and beyond the pandemic. This article highlights the importance of service-learning in Catholic higher education and explores the feasibility of developing virtual service-learning during this unprecedented time and moving forward.