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Spring 2015


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The Men of the 32nd

Union Muster Roll, Company C of the 32nd Ohio Volunteer Regiment, composed by Lieutenant Jeff J. Hibbets

Composed on the 28th of February, 1865, this muster roll of the 32nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry lists the 87 men who fought for Company C. A muster roll is a military document that accounts for all the soldiers of a specific regimental company. Muster rolls list the men who volunteered and were drafted, in addition to where, when and by whom they were mustered into their respected company. Additionally, they document soldiers who were absent, wounded, discharged, or killed. For historians, muster rolls are combined with other military documents to understand the final human toll of the war. As histories of a regiment, they account for the dead and the living, and are not just names on a sheet of paper. The men on this roll were husbands, sons, fathers, uncles, and brothers who may or may not have returned home from war.

-Jennifer Krol