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A prototype multimedia medical database has been developed to provide image and textual data for thoracic oncology patients undergoing treatment of advanced malignancies. The database integrates image data from the hospital pieture archiving and communication system with textual reports from the radiology information system, alphanumeric data contained in the hospital information system, and other electronic medical data. The database presents information in a timeline format and also contains visualization programs that permit the user to view and annotate radiographic measurements in tabular or graphic form. The database provides an efficient and intuitive display of the changing status of oncology patients. The ability to integrate, manage, and access relevant multimedia information may substantially enhance communication among distributed multidisciplinary health care providers and may ensure greater consistency and completeness of patient-related data.

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Aberle DR, Dionisio JDN, McNitt-Gray MF, Taira RK, Cárdenas AF, Goldin JG, Brown K, Figlin RA, Chu WW. “Integrated Multimedia Timeline of Medical Images and Data for Thoracic Oncology Patients.” Radiographics 16(3):669-681, May 1996. DOI: