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The preservation and conservation of public open spaces are essential in urban settings as they promote the growth and sustainability of local communities and surrounding environments. The Baldwin Hills Conservancy manages the Baldwin Hills Park System and aims to promote recreation, restoration and protection of urban parks. This study’s goal is to provide park managers a longitudinal study of the attitudes and behaviors of park visitors. The study includes the use of game cameras to examine visitation and access to the parks, which serves as a passive, novel methodology in order to study human movement patterns into and around the park. This poster will describe the methods and summarize preliminary data collected during the period October 30, 2015 through April 30, 2016. A total of 129 days of data were collected in four locations in the parks, which included 7679 images and 133 hours of time lapse video. Of the data collected, a subset of 1,001 images from one location, a park entrance, were selected and assigned into categories. Preliminary analysis of these data indicate several initial trends that are identified and discussed. Ongoing efforts include full-scale data collection. As part of the Baldwin Hills Park User Study, the methodology and findings of this.

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Assessing Urban Parklands: Novel Use of Game Cameras to Study Park User Behavior in the Baldwin Hills