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As population growth continues in our urban centers, urban forest management becomes an important priority. Trees are an essential component of resilient and healthy urban communities, providing benefits including mediating the urban heat island effect, storm water management, and energy and water efficiency, carbon sequestration, and city beautification. In order to assess the current status of Colton’s urban forest, interdisciplinary teams of students and scientists from the Center for Urban Resilience (CURes) at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) have assisted Jack Sahl & Associates with an extensive inventory of the tree resources within the City. In gathering data describing the size, distribution, age, health, and energy efficiency benefits of the city’s trees, this study seeks to provide recommendations for best management practices of Colton’s urban forest. Colton has strived to engage the public in an open dialogue about this project. Colton is the first city to deal with the task of conducting an inventory of all the trees located within the public domain, in the future the strategies used here will be improved.

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City of Colton Urban Forest Management Project