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The preservation and conservation of public open spaces are essential in urban settings as they promote the growth and sustainability of local communities and surrounding environments. The Baldwin Hills Conservancy manages the Baldwin Hills Parks System, and aims to promote recreation, restoration and protection of urban parks. In order to inform significant improvements to the parks system, a longitudinal study of the attitudes and behaviors of park visitors is being conducted. As part of the CURes (Center for Urban Resilience)/ TBF (The Bay Foundation) internship program, numerous LMU students administered a visitor survey over the course of 4 study seasons. This poster summarizes the survey findings from season 3, from June through September 2016. A total of 501 hours were spent in the park allowing for 416 surveys collected and 150 counts completed. Preliminary analyses on this data show several interesting findings, including a decrease in the number of users walking or cycling to the park throughout seasons, an increase in refusal rates by season, and evidence of a diverse user population. Future efforts consist of fully analyzing the collected data, and applying this study to public green spaces in Los Angeles as well as internationally.

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The Value of Urban Parklands: A Park User Study of the Baldwin Hills