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Bachelor of Arts



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College of Communication and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Teresa Heiland


Dance and Disability: A Look at Integrated Dance as Art and Therapy, and its Impact on Society is a research thesis. For my thesis, I set out to discover exactly what integrated dance is and how it is considered to be both therapy and art. I incorporated research on how integrated dance is viewed by society, as well as a section on how to spread education on disability. My thesis also includes a detailed description of an interview with Occupational Therapist, Nicole Palminteri, as well as my personal reflection on the research I discovered and the topic in general.

In conducting my research, I used many secondary sources including books, journals, conference proceedings, videos, and newspaper reviews. I also incorporated research from dance company websites. My research discoveries were confirmed by my primary source, an occupational therapist in the field. Ultimately, my thesis not only introduces the idea of integrated dance, but it also proves how it can be considered both an art and therapy .