Date of Award


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Campus Access only theses

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



School or College

College of Communication and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Judy Scalin

Second Advisor

Damon Rago

Third Advisor

Samantha Whidby


What Happens in the Booth: A Stage Manager's Experience is an internship thesis project. I was initially curious about what it would be like to experience all that occurs off stage. I had experienced work as a deck hand, but I really had no clue what the other crewmembers' roles consisted of. I wanted to experience first hand what it would be like to work as a stage manager under the direction of a production manager, lighting designer, and director. My title combines my curiosity with the eager anticipation of partaking in what is initially unknown.

During my internship, I began sitting in on a production meeting at the very start of the semester to running the show by the end of the semester. It was a very accelerated learning environment where the only option was to push forward. It wildly expanded my knowledge of what a production team and crew accomplishes. It forced me to engage in a new role as a leadership figure in the theatre. Granted the audience and the cast aren't largely aware of this, but without that leadership the show couldn't function. I now have a greater respect and awe for professionals who devote their mastery of this craft, into the essential and often unacknowledged role of the stage manager. I have now been exposed to the joy and edge that position has to offer.