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Campus Access only theses

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Bachelor of Arts



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College of Communication and Fine Arts

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Janie Steckenrider


Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this research asks: can dance serve as a connective force that transcends beyond the legal writing of this case to offer a holistic model of legal communication? This project will result in a fulllength performance divided into three sections that energetically reconstruct the three part test discussed in the Supreme Court case Frontiero v. Richardson , which struck down a statute that commanded dissimilar treatment for men and women similarly situated and tested historical oppression, political powerlessness and immutability in relation to gender. Dance will serve as a second form of communication, igniting empathetic feelings for those, like the transgender community, inherently impacted by the court’s decision. Additionally, a written component will illustrate the documented movement research and artistic choices made in terms of lighting, costuming, and structure, as well as the choreographic tools, and themes of the work, that, in culmination, will assist the energetic reconstruction of the case. This research suggests that through viewing this movement in performance, the audience member may experience the emotional significance of this case through dance and, in conjunction, experience empathetic and compassionate feelings towards those persons affected by the ruling of Frontiero v. Richardson and its legal precedence.