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Campus Access only theses

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



School or College

College of Communication and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Judith Scalin

Second Advisor

Teresa Heiland


Pilates For Ballet is a certification thesis. I started with an interest in the connection between Pilates exercises and ballet technique. I set out to investigate the difference in my ballet training while I explored deeper into the Pilates curriculum. I was interested in its influence on the proper ballet technical alignment and the activation of the correct muscle groups to achieve it.

I chose the BASI Pilates Certification Program to pursue my investigation. During each of the 12 seven hour lessons I not only learned how to execute and teach the exercises, but I received a great amount of information concerning anatomy and kinesiology as well. I had previously taken an anatomy and kinesiology for dancers course at LMU, so I came to BAS! knowing most of the information. Even so, BASI explained it in a different way, which reinforced it in my mind, and with relevance to Pilates vs. dance. I was able to compare the two aspects, which strengthened my understanding of the correct ways to use the body in each activity. My thesis describes how Pilates informs the student other anatomy and gives them the awareness to control it pertaining to specific goals. Finally, the student can apply this awareness and control to their body in a ballet classroom to maximize their technique and training.