Date of Award


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Campus Access only Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



School or College

College of Communication and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Teresa Heiland

Second Advisor

Judith Scalin


Defining One's Artistic Identity: A Ten-Week Movement Exploration is a choreographic research thesis that explores what it is to be an artist, and how one discovers and defines their artistic identity. For ten consecutive weeks, I spent every day exploring movement, filming myself, and creating dance work. I then edited all of the dance footage I filmed into a collaborative video presentation that demonstrates the process I went through in overcoming my self judgement and discovering my creative abilities.

During this experience, I filmed five days a week, blogged daily, and posted my weekly video updates on Youtube. I incorporated the work and study of artists of all mediums in this project, from dancers, musicians, writers, poets, and fine artists. The work of choreographers Anna Halprin and Deborah Hay are what most inspired me.

What started as a movement exploration ended as a philosophical reconfiguration. This deeply personal journey helped me discover who I am and how my artwork relates to my life and my being.