Date of Award

Fall 1-1-2001

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Campus Access only theses

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



School or College

College of Communication and Fine Arts


The following study is an organizational communication culture analysis of the Los Angeles Clipper Spirit audition process from the dancer's perspective. The Clipper Spirit is the professional NBA dance team that has been entertaining Clipper fans for the past eighteen seasons. Their reputation for excellence attracts some 300 Clipper Spirit hopefuls to auditions every year. Within the organizational culture of the audition process lies meanings and expectations which can be revealed through the organizational communication culture theory (Bantz, 1993). Through research it has been discovered that dancers have their own perspective on the audition itself and have many different ways of communicating throughout the process. The dancers also have their own personal vocabulary and stories that represent the organizational culture of the audition. As a participant in the audition, dancers quickly learn what the Clipper Spirit judges look for when selecting members. This study carefully analyzes the process dancers go through during the Clipper Spirit audition and how as organizational members they interact and communicate within the culture.