Archives, Race, and Justice


Archives, Race, and Justice


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Archives, Race, and Justice is an engaged learning project created in Critical Methodology, a Loyola Marymount University Graduate English class. The project, led by Professor Julia Lee and Digital Scholarship Librarian Melanie Hubbard, required students to work with archival materials provided and curated by the Southern California Library (SCL), a community archive in South Los Angeles. Students explored, researched, and contextualized the Library’s materials, focusing on articulating their connections to the Library’s mission. The students’ work culminated in the creation of the digital projects below, which are intended to illustrate their encounters with the materials.

Part of what inspired this project was a desire to demonstrate the value of archives, in particular community archives like the SCL, which house the materials of underrepresented people. Such materials, which are often overlooked by more traditional institutions, are necessary for a full accounting of history. It is our hope that this small project will help highlight the importance of such objects and such archives and that it will help inform visitors on how to engage with similar materials.

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Archives, Race, and Justice