Latino Immigrant Parents and Hegemony of Proposition 227

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Despite the role in which Latino immigrant parents were cast during the campaign, few studies have addressed Latino parents' attitudes about the Proposition 227 and its impact on their current views about bilingual education. Concerned with this very issue, I conducted a study of Latino immigrant parents at three schools in Los Angeles, in an effort to assess the aftermath of Proposition 227. Using a critical theoretical and methodological framework - critical linguistics (Tollefson, 2002) and critical ethnography (Anderson, 1989; McLaren and Giarelli, 1995; Carspecken, 1996; Trueba, 1999) - this study investigated parents' thoughts and impressions about the "English Language Education for Immigrant Children" legislation.


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Baltodano, M. (2004). Latino Immigrant Parents and Hegemony of Proposition 227. Latino Studies (2), 2, 246-253. doi: 10.1057/palgrave.lst.8600083