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Diversity in the workplace is an opportunity for learning and growth. One lens of diversity for leaders and organizations to consider is generational diversity, as now five generations comprise the U.S. workforce. Understanding the backgrounds of generational cohorts helps organizations create inclusive environments and address one aspect of intersectionality. Definitions of generational cohorts are not intended to stereotype individuals or groups. The Generations Defined Through a U.S. Lens Chart was developed over the past 14 years from a review of research and input from members of different generations. The Chart outlines both domestic and global influences impacting five generations: Veterans, Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. The Chart also describes major characteristics for each generation including work and leadership preferences, as well as motivation in the workplace. The authors, one Boomer and one Gen Z, built on earlier versions of the Chart to include current research, expanded influences, and validate the content from experience. The goal of the Chart is to assist organizations in creating a workplace to celebrate and engage generational diversity.


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