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The antibilingüe movement that is spreading across the United States has become one of the most controversial in the debate on the education of linguistic minorities issues. Ron Unz, the California millionaire who has managed to eliminate bilingual programs in California and Arizona and trying to do the same today in Colorado and Massachusetts, is a clear example of assimilationist movement, which argues that immigrants should give up their languages and vernacular cultures to integrate into American society. This article summarizes the history of bilingualism in the United States, focusing on decisions that have affected the education of minority students, and explains the strategy followed by Unz order to eliminate bilingual education replacing it with an educational method based on their political views .


Article is in Spanish.

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Ramos, F. (2002). Referéndums educativos en Estados Unidos: ¿Educación ó asimilación? Revista Española de Educación Comparada, 8, 205-225.