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Education authorities in several American states and the Andalusian autonomous community have made great efforts to implement programs in their territories bilingual in English and Spanish in order to improve the language proficiency of students in both languages. American programs were first established in the early 60s Andalusians, meanwhile, they were recently created. This article briefly describes the theoretical foundation, goals, origin and distribution of languages in the programs. The article concludes with a summary of studies conducted in the United States on different aspects of programs that can serve as a guide for those wishing Andalusian scholars to investigate their equivalents.

The educational Authorities of Several American states and of the autonomous community of Andalusia Have Gone to Great Lengths to Implement Inglés-Spanish bilingual programs in Their territories. Their purposewas to Improve Their students' linguistic competence in languages.While Both the American programs provenance was established for the first time at the beginning of the 1960's the Andalusian Were Only programs created recently.The present article Provides a brief description of the theoretical tenets, Objectives , origins, and language distribution in the bilingual programs. The article ends with a summary of studies Carried out in the United States, Which Have Investigated different aspects of the programs. These studies May serveas a guide for scholars wishing to investigate Those Andalusian Their counter parts.


Article is in Spanish.

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Ramos, F. (2007). Fomentando el bilingüismo en la escuela en dos contextos diferentes: Los programas bilingües inglés-español en Estados Unidos y Andalucía. Revista Española de Educación Comparada, 13, 341-359.