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The term Powerful Learning Experience (PLE) is an outgrowth of a University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) project. Colleagues who were engaged in the Leaders Supporting Diverse Learners (LSDL) project, along with researchers examining exemplary educational leadership programs refined the original framework. The version described in the following article is based on Young’s (2019) presentation of the framework to the World Educational Leadership Summit (WELS). The PLE framework consists of ten key attributes that encourage active teaching and learning processes, problem-based, context-rich products, and other evidence of learning outcomes. The authors have found that leadership preparation experiences that reflect a combination of these ten attributes facilitate deeper understanding of educational leadership and the development of knowledge and skills that are both transferable to a variety of contexts and adaptable for multiple challenges.

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Young, M. D., Cunningham, K., Van Gronigen, B., & O’Doherty, A. (2021). Transformational leadership preparation in a post-COVID world: US perspectives. eJournal of Education Policy, 21(1).

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