Bisexual Students in Secondary Schools: Understanding Unique Experiences and Developing Responsive Practices

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Increased attention is being paid to the experiences of sexual minority students in schools. However, little is known about the unique needs of students who identify as bisexual or effective strategies to support these students. In an effort to begin to examine school practices that are responsive to bisexual students, this article first provides a summary of bisexual identity development. Next, by reviewing the research that is available and extrapolating from the literature that addresses sexual minority students as a whole, suggestions are made for educators in regards to addressing issues of bisexuality in schools, including policy development, staff and student education, classroom climate and school–community collaboration. This article also addresses the significant gaps in research on how school practices affect bisexual students.


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Kennedy, K. S. & Fisher, E. S. (2010). Bisexual students in secondary schools: Understanding unique experiences and developing responsive practices. Journal of Bisexuality, 10(4), 472-485.