Towards a Collective Vision for Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education

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Th is book offers a forum in which progressive educators and activists have described their vision for a better world, seeking to initiate a conversation on how educators and educational institutions can foster the principles of social justice, peace, and environmental education in their daily practice. Each author presents a vision of how their particular area of concern intersects with the overarching issues of social justice, peace and the environment. They do this by globalizing their perspective, and by looking for ways in which their particular concern is related to the others. Th is proved to be a very challenging task because the authors were asked to research and think beyond the traditional boundaries of their respective disciplines. Reading through all these chapters, it seemed possible to discern a common set of themes that had emerged from the six-year process of discussions, negotiations, and writing that produced this collection of essays. It also seemed possible to produce a tentative set of common standards that would synthesize the specific points laid out in each chapter. While they will not have the specificity of those in each chapter, a comprehensive set might assist educators in taking the next steps.


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Andrzejewski, J, Baltodano, M., Barnhardt, R., and Symcox, L. (2009). Towards a Collective Vision for Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education (Chapter 18). In J. Andrzejewski, M. Baltodano and L. Symcox (Eds.). Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education: Transformative Standards. NY: Routledge. doi: 10.4324/9780203879429