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Master of Arts



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Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

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Brett Hoover


Discrimination in the Indian Catholic Church is a leading reason why the lower caste Dalits leave and join the Pentecostal churches, especially in south India. This is a grave threat to the future of the Catholic faith in India and the sharing of the true and full Gospel message. In this paper, I will explore three themes in these regards: the current reasons for leaving, historical and social context, and theological teachings, and provide a recommended pastoral approach for the Church’s response to this crisis. Specifically,

  • Reasons why the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches draw Christians away from the Catholic Church.
  • Historical context and the social experiences of the Dalits.
  • Theological foundations of the fundamental rights of human beings based on Jesus’ response to marginalized peoples.
  • How the Catholic Church might respond in the current culture.