Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

School or College

Seaver College of Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Elham Ghashghai


As consumers continue to make their purchases solely online without visiting brick-and-mortar stores, they increasingly look for ways to “touch, feel and try on” products without actually doing so. We believe social media influencers provide a way to do this, with the influencers themselves acting as “stand-ins” for consumers in their place. Finding influencers that look like you in 2022 sounds like it would be easy, but it isn’t. Until now.

LIKE YOU aims to answer this gap in the market by creating a proprietary search engine that, through answering a few questions, recommends a list of influencers that can help you digitally “touch, feel and try on” products and finalize your purchase decision.