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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Seaver College of Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Robert Johnson


Traffic sign recognition systems have been introduced to overcome road-safety concerns. These systems are widely adopted by automotive industry whereby safety critical systems are developed for car manufacturers. To develop an automatic TSDR system is a tedious job given the continuous changes in the environment and lighting conditions. Among the other issues that also need to be addressed are partial obscuring, multiple traffic signs appearing at a single time, and blurring and fading of traffic signs, which can also create problem for the detection purpose . For applying the TSDR system in real-time environment, a fast algorithm is needed. As well as dealing with these issues, a recognition system should also avoid erroneous recognition of no signs. TSDR system would detect and classify a collection of 43 individual traffic-signs taken from real-time environment into different classes for recognition. In this project classification of individual traffic signs is done using deep Convolutional Neural Network with VGG-net architecture model to develop an efficient classifier with improved prediction accuracy (using GTSRB dataset).