Total Wreck

Date of Award

Spring 2022

Access Restriction


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts


Writing for the Screen

School or College

School of Film and Television

First Advisor

Patricia K. Meyer

Second Advisor

Karol Hoeffner


Bianca is the baby of her large Colombian/Puerto Rican family. She will use that and her spitfire personality to her advantage any chance she gets. A heated debate is her love language and sarcasm, the enemy. A lover of surreal worlds, Bianca thinks of herself part of her own Colombian crime family. Growing up on a healthy diet of campy black comedies and deep crime dramas, Bianca fuses the two in a new way. She would say her disability is the least interesting thing about her, but it does serve to give her a unique perspective on writing disabled characters. With a flair for the overdramatic, at least one of her characters dies in her scripts, but they always deserve it. Bianca was lucky enough to serve as Associate Producer on a feature starring Anthony Hopkins. He didn’t die in that one.