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Doctorate in Education



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School of Education

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Karen Huchting

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John Sebastian

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Jesus Rodriguez


This study looked at the impact of Ignatian spirituality and Ignatian pedagogy on staff in student-facing units at Jesuit colleges and universities. It also explored how leaders of student-facing departments and divisions operationalize components of Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy to create an Ignatian organizational culture.

Qualitative data were collected through multiple semistructured interviews with nine leaders of student-facing units at Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. Key findings were organized into four thematic sections. The findings map onto different components that derive from, or are connected to, Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy. The thematic sections are: (a) leadership’s commitment to human excellence; (b) subsidiarity; (c) showing the way to God through the spiritual exercises and discernment; (d) cura personalis and a commitment to well-educated solidarity off and on campus. These findings create a framework for leaders and student-facing staff to consult for engaging more meaningfully with Ignatian values in their attempts to build strong and positive organizational cultures for their units. Recommendations for addressing obstacles and opportunities are provided for staff leaders of student-facing units throughout the Jesuit network in the United States.