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Counseling Psychology


Earlier studies have shown that women appear freer in their individual role choices than men, however, family roles still remain constricting. This study measured the societal norms for family roles (provider or housekeeper) by manipulating job statuses. Short descriptions varying employment status of a husband and wife were presented to college students and older participants (ages 32-55) to measure generational differences in approval and beliefs about the execution of household chores of targets when in traditional and nontraditional roles. Both age groups rated the male target as acceptable in the worker role (traditional), and females as performing more housework than males. Also, the husband's work status accounted for more variation on the dependent variables than the wife's work status. Overall, _the picture of women, as shown in this study, is one of mixed progress with greater role choice freedom, but with greater role responsibilities. Males, however, have made little progress. in either role.