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Master of Fine Arts


Theatre Arts

School or College

School of Film and Television

First Advisor

Kevin Wetmore


In the Fall of 2021, I served as the dramaturge for the Loyola Marymount campus productions of Anna Deavere's Smiths, "Twilight Los Angeles," Brandon Jacob Jenkins, "Everybody "and Melanie Marnich's "These Shining Lives." One can't ignore the distinct and separate story designs of these plays. "Twilight Los Angeles" is a verbatim theatre style, with an arrangement of monologues. "Everybody" is a modern-day morality play with a lottery. "These shining lives" is a period piece set as a docudrama. My process for this thesis will be a reflective and experiential study on performing the role of the dramaturg for these three different plays. After this research, I plan to have three dramaturg portfolios documenting the three different experiences. This research will assist future artists towards understanding how dramaturg research aids in creating the world of the show; therefore, helping with better communication and collaboration amongst the production team. The outcome will be examining how these three various productions have prepared me to perform the role of dramaturge as a future theatre arts faculty member.