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Master of Arts



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Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

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Simon Kim


Many current theories (e.g., individualism, materialism, relativism, etc.) exalt individual freedom as an absolute. They ignore the voice of universal truth as a principle of conscience and instead place conscience underneath individual choice. The concept of individual freedom in this way is influencing the conscience of many young Vietnam people to make decisions that destroy and jeopardize moral human life (e.g., abortion, transgender, same-sex marriage, murder, etc.). Educating young people to see themselves as God’s children by forming their conscience is an urgent obligation for the Vietnamese Catholic Church. Thus, my PSP is to follow past practices of the Church’s faith tradition as well as developing new resources that specially address the situation of the younger generation in Vietnam. To accomplish this, I intend to work with the presbyterate to cultivate a culture of reconciliation to help young people restore a sensitivity of guilt within one’s conscience. I also intend to work with the parents within my diocese to cultivate a culture of love where the younger generation can first flourish before tackling social and cultural challenges.