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Doctorate in Education



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School of Education

First Advisor

Ernesto Colin

Second Advisor

Cheryl Grills

Third Advisor

Tyrone Howard


From Mandated Reporter to Community Supporter: Reimagining Schools and the Nexus to Address Intersectional Social Justice, explores the transition from mandated reporting to community support within schools, focusing on the implications for Black families and the broader goal of addressing intersectional social justice. The study critically examines the role of schools beyond their educational mandate, highlighting their potential as pivotal hubs for supporting vulnerable populations and addressing systemic issues such as racism, bias, and poverty. Through a mixed-methods approach, incorporating both quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews, the research delves into the impact of mandated reporting on Black families, the understanding and practices of mandated reporters, and the potential for educators to transition to roles of community supporters. Grounded in theoretical frameworks such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Critical Policy Analysis, and conceptual frameworks of Abolitionism and Culturally Responsive School Leadership, the study scrutinizes the historical and contemporary challenges posed by mandated reporting. It reveals the adverse effects of over-reporting, particularly on marginalized communities, and the perpetuation of systemic racism within the child welfare system. The research highlights the experiences of educators, parents, and former foster youth, underscoring the need for systemic reform and the abolition of practices that harm Black families. The dissertation proposes a reimagining of schools as community support systems, advocating for policy reevaluation, the adoption of an abolitionist approach, and the implementation of culturally responsive leadership. Recommendations include enhancing training for educators, fostering collaborative partnerships, and advocating for policy changes that prioritize family and community well-being over punitive measures. The study concludes with a call for continuous research and data-informed decisions to ensure the effective transition from mandated reporting to community supporting, ultimately redefining the role of schools in achieving intersectional social justice.