Date of Award

Fall October 2008

Access Restriction


Degree Name

Doctorate in Education



School or College

School of Education

First Advisor

Shane P. Martin

Second Advisor

Edmundo F. Litton

Third Advisor

Mary K. McCullough


In 2000 Campion High School, a Catholic, Jesuit, single-sex secondary school created and adopted the Grad-at-Grad statement as the school‘s expected school-wide learning results (ESLRs) and has articulated a need for a comprehensive, reliable assessment of these graduation outcomes. This case study used interviews, a survey, and participant observation to understand how the school has implemented and assessed the ESLRs since their inception. The study also thematically compared Jesuit educational philosophy to current theories of educative assessment and outcomes-centered curriculum development. Findings reveal that the school relies on a random, individual approach to curricular incorporation and has not incorporated the outcomes at the departmental level. Teachers at the school provide good role models for the Grad-at-Grad outcomes, and the Campus Ministry and Community Service programs provide meaningful learning experiences in relation to the outcomes. The school uses a variety of traditional assessment measures to assess students‘ growth toward the graduation outcomes. The study concluded that the school is in the middle of the implementation process and should utilize more professional development and the current theories of educative assessment and outcomes-centered curriculum design as it continues to implement and assess the ESLRs.