Date of Award

Spring April 2015

Access Restriction

Campus Access only Research Projects

Degree Name

Master of Science


Systems Engineering

School or College

Seaver College of Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Karen Miller


In Saudi Arabia, medical errors are at an alarming level. Lack of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) system is one the greatest reasons for medical errors in the Kingdom. Health care in many countries has evolved with the invention of electronic health information exchange system, henceforth HIE. This research paper purposes to implement HIE in Saudi Arabia, which entirely does not have a system of the sort. It is imperative instill HIE in the health care system in Saudi to allow physicians, nurses, health care facilities as well as patients to electronically share medical information in a safe and secure manner.

Many countries such as United States, New Zealand and Germany have had great success with the HIE system and have reported vast benefits. Benefits of HIE are such as reduction of health care cost as well as decreasing medical errors. For Saudi Arabia to reach the same heights, many stakeholders will be involved in the triumph of the HIE system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The biggest contributor will be the Ministry of Health, which will be in charge of implementing as well as making the system mandatory in the main four hospitals in the country: Shomasy, Kind Saud University Hospital, Ministry of interior Hospital and Ministry of Defense Hospital. Each hospital having their own current medical information recording system, will now have one universal system that is made sure to be secure and safe for patients as well as other participating organizations who have access to the HIE system.

The main concentration of the HIE system in Saudi Arabia will be in the emergency care of these four hospitals. It is crucial to have an organized and controlled way of recording as well as accessing patient medical records electronically, in a fast and effective way. This paper proposes that an HIE system in Saudi Arabia will reduce the cost of medical care and decrease medical errors. Through the use of Lean thinking and the use of quality tools, the HIE system will be able to change and increase the reliably as well as effectiveness of Urgent Care in the country and therefore have consequent benefits as well. Also, understanding who is going to play a great role in the triumph of the HIE system, such as the Ministry of Health and knowing what stakeholders will need to be affiliated and contribute will lead the project to a better success.

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