Date of Award

Spring 2011

Access Restriction

Campus Access only Research Projects

Degree Name

Master of Science


Systems Engineering

School or College

Seaver College of Science and Engineering


Technology Insertion on Satellite Platforms is an interactive project created to provide a solution to a current operational problem at a large aerospace corporation. The particulars and details of which aerospace company requires the "fix" is not important. Providing a viable solution to address the identified white-space is the focus of this interactive project. This project will define a system engineering organization responsible for research, development and insertion of next-generation technologies. It will create an organizational architecture and operating model that institutionalizes technology evolution and strategic insertion on existing satellite platforms and bus architectures. It proposes to do this by creating a Technology Development organization. This organization will be responsible for internal research and development, technology insertion on existing development programs and teaming with new business acquisition teams to offer new technologies to customers. It will provide the processes and tools required to manage and achieve a long-range business plan. In addition, this project will provide the framework for creating and managing short-term capture plans, internal research and development prioritization, risk and financial management & reporting.

The Technology Development organization will remove the stovepipes between the various entities and combine them into one collaborative organization. The team structure will ensure synergy and continuity across all aspects of the product development lifecycle. It will address the gaps in getting new concepts onto programs, ensuring the research and development teams are defining solutions for real problems, close the gap between payload and bus evolution and provide required solutions for business acquisition efforts.

CandanceGivens_Systems_Presentation_2011.pdf (1855 kB)
Oral Presentation