Date of Award

Spring 2011

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Campus Access only Research Projects

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Master of Science


Systems Engineering

School or College

Seaver College of Science and Engineering


In System Test, there is currently no common test procedure validation process across commercial, civil and government programs. Enterprise processes simply state to perform verification and validation. The method of satisfying that requirement is left to each individual organization and/or program. The process is generic in order to support an Enterprise of products that can vary from military weapons to commercial satellites.

A common test procedure validation process can be adopted which is platform and program independent to provide more guidance than the top level Enterprise process. The method of allowing each System Test program to define their own validation process results in inconsistencies between programs. Important Lessons Learned which could result in an improved validation process for a particular program are not captured. Costly rework is incurred without standardization. The root causes for Test Procedure rework fall in three common categories as shown in Table 1.

Program X is an example of a program which does not follow a standard validation process. Therefore their process is incomplete and results in significant rework. This document will limit its scope to focus on standardizing Program X's process to the validation process currently used by the majority of programs in System Test. The goal is to develop a standard procedure and in tum reduce the number of validation process issues (rework) currently plaguing Program X. During this process, techniques from Lean and Quality courses will be utilized.

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